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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Portland Press by Bucket

Had a friend pass this along to me and is quite close to the project. Glad it came to fruition.

You can't get any more Pacific Northwest than the Portland Press. Name of a Pacific Northwestern city, check. Something to do with coffee, check. Renewable or recyclable resources, check. Local manufacturers, check. Wool cup cozies, double check.

Found out a little more about this duo named Bucket. They are a product development and manufacturing start-up located in Portland, Oregon and are dedicated to making products responsibly by  building relationships between consumers and the craftsmen-

In fact, why listen to me? Listen to them below, they're good with words.

And with all those things going for it the Portland Press still looks somewhat affordable, designed well, simple and fun. Check out their entry on Crowd Supply and throw them a few bucks to support them.
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