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Friday, June 15, 2012

My friend, Tory Campbell is a budding documentary film maker and photographer. He spent time documenting two high-school students when their local high-school closed. They had to re-integrate into another neighborhood high-school.

Here are his words:
I’ve been documenting the aftermath of the closing of Marshall High at the end of the 2010- 2011 school year and the transition of its teachers and students. I graduated from this high school and still had ties to it and the community through a few teachers. The project captures the story of those most affected by the decision to close the school: the students. The project is intended to highlight the impacts of a decision(s) to close a public school and to raise fresh questions around the policies that are reshaping communities and the next generation. This is becoming both a local and national occurrence and new normal. Thanks Michael Clapp for producing this project with me and opening a door for this story to be shared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

What's cool about this project is Tory's photography and his personal connection with the school. There are some nice shots. Glad to support the guy.

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